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Core Set Constructed Format

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Core Set Constructed is a casual Magic: The Gathering format in which players may use cards from Core Sets. The sets range from Revised - Magic 2015, and now Magic 2019 (Origins is not included at this time).

The goal of this format is to provide a fun and challenging Magic experience while using the cards that are most available. The higher print runs of most of these cards means that the price of most decks is within the range that casual players are willing to spend. Also, many of the cards use very well known keyword abilities (such as Flying or Deathtouch). I feel that the format is rewarding for new and veteran players alike.

If a card is legal, all printings of that card are considered legal (e.g. you may use a Tempest copy of Counterspell because it has been printed in a core set).

Cards that have been printed in the following sets are permitted for use:

The following cards are banned:

Banned cards may change periodically. Ante cards are guaranteed to remain banned indefinitely.

Legacy dual lands were banned as of 3/25/2018.